Drone Thermal Inspections

Skycraft APV, a leader in aerial data collection drone services for the better part of a decade, stays ahead of the pack by utilizing the latest sensor technology.  With certified, insured, experienced pilots nationwide, Skycraft proves why infrared inspections are a valuable tool to mitigate risk, damage, and cost.  Drone Thermal Imaging is a great preventative maintenance tool.  It can detect weak spots in structures, anomalies in components, overloaded electrical components, moisture/gas detection, and many more. Prevention can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail and create a thorough analysis for our clients.


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The Benefits

Typically, completing an aerial land survey or inspection would require the rental of an aircraft, the services of a pilot, and costs for fuel plus an onboard sensor specialist, while roof, wind turbine, solar panel, or other structural inspections require the expense and risk of roofers or climbers to scale the structure to complete a visual inspection.  Not only are these options expensive, but it can take days, weeks, or even months to detect problems.  Drones can fly as close as 15 to 20 feet to the area to be inspected or surveyed with the crew safely on the ground.

Using drones we can quickly identify the problem areas and then pinpoint specific locations for additional analysis to identify moisture problems, fractures, or deterioration.  For example, a thermal inspection of roofing material can provide definitive data and imaging that can be presented to the manufacturer or an insurance agent as proof of failure within the warranty period or for insurance claims.  Our technology uses non-invasive sampling, so there is no need to further damage the roof to obtain a sample. We have endorsements through GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials, as well as certifications for infrared roofing inspections of their materials. For some purposes, with our real-time data transmission, we can deliver almost instantaneous results, or if detailed analysis is required we can offer a full report from a certified thermographer.


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The Point

Our drone thermal surveys and inspections are able to reduce cost, time, and safety hazards while providing more accurate and detailed results for analysis.

At Skycraft APV, our pilots have received their thermography certification through FLIR—the world’s largest manufacturer of thermography equipment, setting the standard for thermal imagining sensors, and the endorser of one of the largest infrared training centers in the world.  Our equipment is also FLIR certified and is recertified and calibrated annually.  We are Level 1 sUAS certified drone thermographers, the highest drone certification available. We were one of the first companies in the world to receive this certification, and we recertify every two years.  We are also Part 107 certified by the FAA for drone piloting.

SkycraftAPV is a leader in the field, and thermal imaging is just one of the full range of drone services that we offer. For more information or to schedule a quote, please call us at (817)-371-5653 or send an email to chris@skycraftapv.com.


Written by Ren Jones

Information provided by ArdianDoko,

Skycraft APV thermographer